Saturday, October 30, 2021

puzzle #9: they ring, ring, ringin'

alright yooo what's up! just when i thought "i'm completely out of ideas for puzzles", this one came to me in the shower and i rushed to my computer sopping wet to make it. i fried my PC and my downstairs neighbors are complaining about water dripping from the ceiling, but this puzzle is so good it's worth it.

thanks to Ajay for test solving! and as always, please ping me on twitter or discord if you solve this on stream somewhere, i want to watch!

 .ipuz | .puz | .pdf | puzzleme fullscreen

 or click the link below. enjoy!

Friday, October 22, 2021

puzzle #8: midi #2

hiiiii! it's been a bit, and i've been feeling like i haven't been making enough puzzles. so tonight i decided to make one! i've been pretty busy with my minecraft series on youtube, which isn't something i expect too many crossword people to care about, but i had a solid backlog recorded and figured there was no better time to churn out a crossword.

maybe it was the break that did it but i made this in just a couple hours, which is pretty insane for me. does practice make you improve or something? crazy. anyway, enjoy. and if you stream this puzzle ping me on discord or twitter! i want to watch!

.ipuz | .puz | .pdf | puzzleme fullscreen

or click the link below!