Sunday, November 21, 2021

puzzle #11: patriotism [acrostic]

wow it's an acrostic! i've been solving a lot of these lately and they're super fun. so i decided to make one! by which i mean i had Alex Boisvert's Acrostic Generator do it for me. amazing tool and i hope more people get into these neat crossword-adjacent puzzles because of it!

if you like this (or if you don't) i highly encourage you to check out other puzzles of this ilk, including Alex Boisvert's and No-Feet McGee's (they're free despite the patreon hosting!). they both have pretty distinct voices as acrostic constructors, imo, and their puzzles are very good (they also both do crosswords!)

as always, if you solve this on stream somewhere, let me know, i'd love to watch!

.jpz (openable in XWord or Crossword Nexus) | Crossword Nexus fullscreen

or click the link below (though i recommend the fullscreen link above). enjoy!

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